Bellita – a naturally low-carb potato

Did you know that Bellita potatos are naturally gorwn and naturally low in carbohydrates? Bellita potatoes are suitable for a range of cooking techniques including boiling, baking and roasting.Visit their website to find out more information about this potato that has a a soft, no peel flesh.

One hundred grams of Bellita potatoes contain 9.5 gram of carbohydrates compared to 100 grams of pasta that contains 67.6 grams of carbohydrate and 100 grams of rice that contains 76 gram of carbohydrate. According to the FSANZ NUTTAB 2010, Bellita potatoes contains 50% less carbohydrates when compared with other commonly available potatoes.

4 thoughts on “Bellita – a naturally low-carb potato

  1. I have had them steamed, fried and mashed and they are absolutely fantastic I worry they are not as low carb as stated because they are soooo good. Stumbled over them in a local IGA and need to know where to get them all the time2

  2. Since December 2002, Australia law has required that food labels must show if food has been genetically modified or contains GM ingredients, or whether GM additives or processing aids remain in the final food product. The label on the package must include the statement ‘genetically modified’ in conjunction with the name of the food or ingredient or processing aid. (Source: Better Health Channel). The label does not state it is genetically modified.

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