Halt Hidden Salt campaign

Did you know that we are currently eating nine grams of salt on average every day? This is much more than the maximum six grams recommended for adults (or four grams if you have high blood pressure). Most Australians are doing the right thing and not adding salt when we cook or at the table. But we are still eating much more than we realise in processed foods. Find out more about the Heart Foundation’s Halt Hidden Salt campaign.

Cereal offender

Read the following article ‘Protecting kids from junk food advertising’ that outlines how the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) has had two recent wins against Kellogg’s, with the advertiser being forced to withdraw TV commercials for two of its products.’ Great article for discussion.


Retro packaging – feelings of nostalgia

Have you noticed that many food companies are using retro packaging?

Beer from East Ninth Brewing and Coopers Brewery, coffee from Nespresso and soup from Campbells?

….and now Kelloggs. Read about the products and reasons.

Great discussion for your classes in Home Economics, Food and Technology and Health and Human Development.